DSS SMS Gateway


A system that facilitates customers asks information via SMS and they will get desired information in reply as defined by DSS client. It is benefit for DSS client to getting alert of their customer vie.SMS. By Using SMS Gateway it`s not necessary to client is available on system.


An SMS gateway allows a computer to send or receive Short Message Service (SMS) transmissions. As mobiles usage has become so common nowadays, DSS intend to leverage its clients with a project that lets them interact with their customers even in their absence.

Business Objectives

Most corporations having multiple branches need to have a network administrator at each location. These administrators are in charge of network operations and are fully responsible for everything that happens with their servers and computers.
SMS Gateway project is an initiative by DSS to facilitate its clients with greater means of communication and satisfaction. By using SMS Gateway you can simply send SMS from your existing client or business systems.

The Deliverables

Following content will be considered as deliverables to the customer:

Sr. No. Description Format
1 DSS SMS Gateway SMS Gateway Login
2 DSS SMS Gateway Software Manual Online Manual

Core Features

  1. Customer can interact via. SMS
  2. Reply to customers can be automated or customized
  3. Send SMS directly from your email client or business application