DSS Hotel Software


DSS Hotel Software provides easy way and standard protocol to all major activities in hotels which helps to increase the growth of hotel organization. DSS Hotel Software provides module to manage all type of hotel resources and its activities like rooms, amenities, floors, guests, staff, restaurant management, order management, inventory management etc.
DSS Hotel Software Provide advanced graphical dashboard which lets you handle all functionality easily, by using dashboard operator can easily view room status, guest details on particular room, check in, and check out from dashboard itself.
In Restaurant Module of DSS Hotel Software Provides way to manage order details of customer, manage rooms & table orders, and Kitchen details etc.
DSS Hotel Software also provides "Inventory Module". In Inventory Module, all transaction details of your organization (receive, paid) are maintain in ERP format, in this way organization can maintain their inventory very easily.


A poorly managed system will always make it difficult to make business grow. There are so many softwares in industry which provide a cluttered and cumbersome way of handling that leads to mismanaged & under utilization of organizational resources. A software that combines all facilities in one view will be ideal for an organization.
With advancements in technology, organizations also seek different & innovative ways of communication and customer satisfaction. So, to address such needs, an interactive mobile application will definitely help organization to facilitate its customers.

Business Objectives

To be precise with business objective, consistent business growth with maximum customer satisfaction is the main purpose of this proposal.
We offer little contribution to such services with our software system. This system will facilitate all activities in hospitality for easy and clever way, and such a systematic representation helps to growth of your business. Less organizational resources required to maintain all departments and activities of your hotel. So, you can easily focus on maintenance of other qualities required in hospitality system.

The Deliverables

Following content will be considered as deliverables to the customer:

Sr. No. Description Format
1 DSS Hotel Software Online/Desktop Application
2 DSS Hotel Software Manual Online Download (PPT)
3 Android based Customer Feedback Module Mobile Application
4 Android based Customer Complaint Module Mobile Application
5 Android based User Order Module Mobile Application

Core Features

  1. Maintain/Track of hotel resources like rooms, floor, room rates, room amenities, users, guest
  2. Maintain/Track Check in, Check Out, Group Booking
  3. Manage multi-nationality guest details
  4. Provides reporting facility
  5. For hospitality provide alert/wake up call to user e.g. birthday alert, check out alert or any message alert
  6. Advanced searching and sorting of records, Export to excel report facility
  7. Allows multi-user environment for administrative and normal users
  8. Provides facility to add own business logo/icon
  9. Advanced searching and sorting of records
  10. Roles and responsibilities of normal users are managed by Administrator
  11. Software uses Lehman language for representation of accounting terms, so as to make it simple to understand
  12. Online access via web makes it possible to keep track of transactions from all over the world