DSS Demand and Supply software


We represent DSS Demand and Supply process through DSS ERP software. In this system, organizations register to online web portal and categorized with respect to their business domain. Each organization provides details of their strengths and their requirements; this portal detects demands from particular organizations and informs about the available suppliers for their requirements.
Further System maintains the track/communication between organizations, in this way system maintains the supply chain management. It is complete life-cycle of product originating a need from customer, demand from manufacturer to supply through vendor and then reaching the end client/customer.
Demand and Supply project brings all such business at one location to address their needs and supply strengths.


In today's competitive, fast-paced business landscape, getting the most out of available resources isn't an option-it's a requirement. You need to drive efficiencies and optimize complex systems to keep your organization moving forward. To help you achieve these goals, we take a highly proactive approach to system's modernization and operations.
Demand & supply provide what you Want, You will Get IT! Our clients often have complex business operations and processes that require a comprehensive outlook of both their environment and future business needs. We gain a true understanding of our client's mission, business, and technical requirements and collaborate with them throughout the life cycle of the project to ensure success.

Business Objectives

With business point of view a platform provided to host your business without physical infrastructure available is what Demand and Supply offers at its' core. Project entitles greater scope as large number of business entities to collaborate through the process. All softwares developed at DSS World are integrated part of Demand and Supply project and are engrossed into this project. DSS Demand and Supply brings your organization to the global market. This helps to grow your business in virtual business world.
Such exposure to virtually world offers ample of opportunities for an individual or an enterprise business. Demand and supply is an infinite process that needs contribution from all sectors of business.

The Deliverables

Following content will be considered as deliverables to the customer:

Sr. No. Description Format
1 DSS Demand and Supply Module With DSS ERP
2 DSS Demand and Supply Website Online Website

Core Features

  1. Provide demand and supply chain
  2. Provide Scope of business in global market
  3. Maintain/Track of customer quotation to purchase order of such a quotation
  4. Provides reporting facility in all track of record
  5. Advanced searching and sorting of records, Export to excel report facility
  6. Allows multi-user environment for administrative and normal users
  7. Provides facility to add own business logo/icon
  8. Advanced searching and sorting of records, Export to excel report facility
  9. Roles and responsibilities of normal users are managed by Administrator
  10. Software uses Lehman language for representation of accounting terms, so as to make it simple to understand
  11. Online access via web makes it possible to keep track of transactions from all over the world