DSS Cashbook


Cashbook is a complete tracking and reporting system for day-to-day financial activities. It is applicable to both Individual as well as Enterprise businesses. Cashbook ERP carries out all necessary functions for Sales, Purchase and Expense module. All transactions done using Cashbook ERP are reflected to Cashbook software for easy understanding of accounting system. This software avoids accounting/technical terms/language and provides simplified user interface for normal users.


DSS ERP is business software, containing all the necessary tools to manage business accounts, quotation, invoices, TAX returns, Sale, Reporting for evaluation of company performance. DSS ERP also features a security module. Users can be given privileges and passwords for access to various parts of the software. DSS ERP also has the flexibility to pass information to other applications (eg.MS Excel) and provides standard print-outs for things like invoices, quotation, Sale.
Customer-base is the most valuable asset an organization possesses. Business growth of an organization is directly proportional to the number customers associated with that organization.

Business Objectives

To be precise with business objective, consistent business growth with maximum customer satisfaction is the main purpose of this proposal. A financial organization provides various financial services to its customers to leverage them with facilities, to make their life non-critical, to solve their issues etc.
We offer little contribution to such services with our software system. This system will facilitate customers a highly productive ERP solution for their businesses OR for an individual, a simple finance management service at very affordable price. To help maintain long term relationship with existing customers and consistent growth with new customers is the basic objective behind this proposal.

The Deliverables

Following content will be considered as deliverables to the customer:

Sr. No. Description Format
1 Cashbook Software for daily financial transaction Online Subscription
2 Cashbook Software Manual Online Download (PPT)
3 Cashbook ERP for Enterprise Business Online Subscription
4 Android based Cashbook Application Mobile Application

Core Features

  1. Manage accounts related to Bank, Customers, Vendors, Users, and Expenses
  2. Maintain/Track opening and closing balance for a particular day
  3. Day close system is managed at manual level and Email/SMS Alert of day's transactional summary sent to Admin
  4. Allows multi-user environment for administrative and normal users
  5. Provides facility to add own business logo/icon
  6. Roles and responsibilities of normal users are managed by Administrator
  7. Administrator gets auto alert when a transaction limit exceeds by normal user
  8. Cashbook provides extensive reporting system for thorough analytical purposes
  9. Advanced searching and sorting of records, Export to excel report facility
  10. Software uses Lehman language for representation of accounting terms, so as to make it simple to understand
  11. Online access via web makes it possible to keep track of transactions from all over the world